Rowing for All


With Us

HRCR offers all New Yorkers no-cost access to the sport of rowing. We are a volunteer-driven organization, offering Learn to Row, community, and advanced programs for adult rowers, from our base in northern Manhattan.

Side view of three rowers in an 8 person shell on the Harlem River
An 8 rowers in a shell wearing HRCR shirts. Multiple 8 person shells are in the background in a queuing formation.
Four rowers in the bow of a shell from the perspective of the rower in 5 seat
Rowers in an 8 person shell on the Harlem River. A bridge is in the background, as well as a rock wall with a large "C" on it.
Infographic of 2023 by the numbers. Text reads: More than 150 rowers; 5 HRCR programs; 11,000 kilometers rowed; 2 Learn to Row cohorts; 5 regattas attended; 9 races rowed; 2 medals won