Learn to Row

In 2022, HRCR plans to offer Learn To Row for beginners. These classes will cover the basics of fun and safe rowing. After successful completion of Learn To Row you will be able to participate in the novice/intermediate recreational rows on the weekends. To get on the email list through which we announce registration for all our programs, email us at info@harlemrivercr.org.


  • In addition to the requirements listed under Rower Resources, participants of Learn To Row will have to commit to attend ALL classes in the series (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  • HRCR warmly welcomes everybody and every fitness level, but in order to safely participate in Learn To Row, participant will need to be able to swim, do a squat and lift 30 lbs. overhead. If you have doubts about these fitness requirements, please contact us at info@harlemrivercr.org.

  • An HRCR community member prepared information on available swimming lessons in NYC (as of Spring 2022). Information is in the pdf below.

Swimming Lessons in NYC.pdf